What’s your franchise growth plan for 2014?

Today, your company HAS to be “the best it can be” to compete with the other 2,900 franchisors who are marketing to the same “candidate pool”. If your company thinks it can simply “limp along” like it has previously, with a few franchise sales here and a few franchise sales there, it is sadly mistaken.

These days, mergers and acquisitions activity within the franchise industry is heading to an all time high. Is your company in a position to either buy out your competitors, expand the scope of brands you offer, or to be “eaten up” by a bigger player? You had better be one of these three. Otherwise, you will be sitting on the side line, totally unattractive as either the “small fish” or the “big fish” because of non-growth.

The Riddiough Group offers a 5-step program to build your company into the giant that you envision. These 5 steps are:

1. Create multi-faceted, highly targeted, on-line (think mobile) marketing programs to attract qualified candidates BEFORE they enter the national pool of franchise candidates.
2. Aim your marketing programs toward individuals who replicate your BEST owners.
3. Increase your company’s franchise marketing budget. (average for 2012 was $208,000 – Franchise Update Media Survey, 2013)
4. Recruit/Build the BEST franchise sales team you can afford and train them to be even better.
5. Improve the profitability of your CURRENT franchisees to improve validation.

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