Outsourced Franchise Sales

Is this how your franchise development team is coming across to your candidates that you worked SO hard to capture? 

You may not think it is, but you might be VERY surprised to know this they are indeed coming across like Jerry Lundegaard in the movie “Fargo”.  


Today’s serious franchise candidate requires OUTSTANDING sales skills to be brought into your organization.

The dearth of qualified leads puts tremendous pressure on franchisors to recruit THE best sales people on earth.  Nobody wants to be SOLD; hence, GREAT sales people do not appear to be SALES people.

We have assembled a fantastic array of sales people from a variety of backgrounds who know how to “award” franchises…they have done so thousands of times.

We call our team “Mick’s Maestros” referring to the Italian word for “masters”. Each of our team members has a minimum of a decade of franchise selling expertise, in most cases two – three decades.  These ladies and gentlemen have collectively sold thousands of franchises for a variety of companies throughout their very illustrative careers. They do not make speeches, overly promote themselves, or toot their own horns. They simply sell…better than anyone I know.

We assign 1 or 2 “maestro” to a given client. We do not rotate a client’s precious leads through the entire team.  We want our “maestros” to become an “inside – outside” member of the client’s home office team, who can build a trusting relationship with the company’s management and staff team members.

We have a large pool of professional sales people from which we draw upon to find “just the right person” to represent a given client. Obviously, the client gives final approval for a selected “maestro”.

Electronic babysitters such as Captivate and Process Peak are NOT the answer to building YOUR company’s sales. Such programs do NOT generate leads, nor do they sell franchises. You need REAL sales people with REAL effective experiences who know how to provide REAL sales services.

Contact TRG today to learn how we can benefit your own franchise sales through highly qualified and motivated outsourced franchise sales specialists.