Where Are Your Franchise Sales Superstars?

For many reasons, many franchisors today have either “lost” or never built in the first place, a strong internal franchise sales and marketing team.

This phenomenon has really changed the franchise industry…not necessarily for the better.  In many regards, companies have lost their self-reliance, their ability to stand on their own two feet to determine their own growth, and to direct the future of their company.
The Riddiough Group (TRG) has analyzed the many factors that have led to this situation and condensed them into a “white paper” entitled “Where Are Your Franchise Sales Superstars?”
We also offer solutions to help correct this negative trend within the franchise industry. Unless your company has 35,000 units, and is operating world wide, you will want to request and read this white paper.

Download our “Where are Your Sales Superstars” Whitepaper for more information on our Franchise Sales Training program.

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