Franchise Sales Team Training

 Do these pictures depict YOUR company’s sales team?
Where are your super stars?

During the past 15 -20 years, most franchise companies LOST their great sales people. How did that happen?  Literally hundreds of employed franchise sales people left their employers to join “broker networks”, like FranChoice, Frannet, TES, and similar organizations. Why? To make more money.

The companies thought “This is great! Now I don’t have to pay salaries, benefits, travel, and other costs associated with my sales team. All I have to do is sign up as a client for these broker networks and just pay one commission per sale!”

Indeed, for several years this WAS the case. Unfortunately for the franchisors, the brokers raised their fees and raised their fees, and oh yes, raised their fees. Now it cost a franchisor about $20,000 per sale in broker commissions…and in many cases MORE.

And, NOBODY has recruited NEW franchise sales people and TAUGHT them to be OUTSTANDING franchise sales people…WITHIN THE FRANCHISE COMPANIES!  So, MOST franchisors are now left without an EFFECTIVE INTERNAL SALES DEPARTEMENT.

THE RIDDIOUGH GROUP has put together an OUTSTANDING franchise sales school.

Here is the idea:

First, we will indeed help your company generate leads and sell franchises on an outsourced basis. We put together an effective lead generation program and provide outsourced sales services for a finite period.

Second, we will help you recruit bright, young, energetic sales team members and TRAIN them to be OUTSTANDING SALES PEOPLE.

Third, we will then TEACH these “young Maestros” to be FANTASTIC sales managers, so you can continue to build and operate your own INTERNAL lead generation and franchise sales teams and stop using expensive brokers!

Why would we do this? Because the industry needs to get back to standing on its own two feet. We are happy to become your OUTSOURCED franchise sales and marketing team for a while, and then turn these functions back to you, once we help you put together your own team. With at least 2,900 franchise companies in the U.S., we will NEVER run out of clients.

Download our guide to “Where are Your Sales Superstars?” for more information on our Franchise Sales Training program.

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