Franchise Lead Generation

Are you using outdated communication to find today’s sophisticated franchise buyer?

 You may laugh, but most of you are using today’s versions of the above outdated communication methods to attract candidates, i.e. franchise shows, magazine ads, newspaper ads, portals, and career opportunity ads. They are simply more modern types of outdated communication methods.


Most of your colleague companies are doing just that. Twenty-year-old franchise marketing strategies, such as franchise shows, print ads, career opportunity meetings, franchise portals, etc., simply do not work anymore.   And standard SEO, SEM, PPC and other online marketing programs, BY THEMSELVES, are not enough.   Companies need to build and implement multi-faceted, highly targeted marketing programs that use a variety of on-line and off-line services, programs, vehicles, public relations, etc., to capture their qualified candidates.

To quote notable franchise entrepreneur Steve Bursten, “It’s the leads sweetheart!”

In today’s fast-paced, sophisticated world of on-line communication, franchisors MUST use modern, highly customized Internet-based marketing tactics and strategies, mixed with astute off-line tactics, to identify, locate and attract qualified candidates to their business. Psychological strategies and “candidate nurturing” are more important than ever.

We have a six-step marketing strategy designed to help you find the types of candidates that YOU need for YOUR business. We specialize in LOCAL lead generation, as well as NATIONAL.   And, we typically go “outside” of the franchise industry to find REALLY effective marketing companies, who adapt and apply effective marketing tactics to build productive franchise lead generation programs.   Obviously today’s market is tough, perhaps the toughest in 50 years. BUT, SOMEBODY is going to win. Will it be you?

Download our guide to the “Five Common Mistakes Franchisors Make When Marketing Their Franchise”

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