Area Development Programs for Franchises

Exactly how long do you want to take to build your company?  5 years? 10 years? 20 years? 50 years?

WHEN BUILT CORRECTLY…area development programs, such as master licenses, regional franchises or sub-franchisors enable a company to “grow big fast”. Indeed there are plenty of examples of companies who have done just that. They sell the development rights to their business for a defined geography, teach the new area developer how to build their respective business, share the proceeds generated by the area developer, and PRESTO!  A major company is born. UNFORTUNATELY too many franchisers do a lousy job of implementing their area developer programs and end up in law suits, stunted growth, unhappy franchisees, and financial losses. THE RIDDIOUGH GROUP has been through EVERY aspect of area developer programs, and can teach your company how to implement Area Developer programs the RIGHT way. Riddiough himself has been a franchisor executive responsible for building these programs and an area developer himself.  He can show your company how to build these programs, manage them, or dismantle them …whichever option is called for. Contact TRG today for information on our essential Area Development Programs.