Five Common Mistakes Franchisors Make When Marketing Their Franchise

Marketing is like Fishing

As you have undoubtedly figured out, today’s market for finding qualified candidates to purchase YOUR company’s franchise is very complex.

For those of you who fish along an ocean’s shore, my best analogy is that much of today’s franchise market is at “high tide”.  And  your task is to cast your line while the tide is “coming in” to differentiate yourself from your 2,900 competing offers. Please allow me to explain.

The best time to catch fish on the ocean’s edge is “ 1 – 2 hours before high tide”. This is when the tide brings in the bait fish. The bigger fish follow these bait fish into tide pools and the shore’s edge. It is a great time for the experienced fisherman to cast their line into the mix of bait fish being brought to shore by the rising tide, just in time to catch those “big lunkers” who are reaching out and grabbing your bait…so it does not get swept away from them by the rising tide.

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