“Mick is a special person in the franchise world. Speaking from a purely business perspective, he is one of the hardest-working and most experienced franchise marketing and development people I’ve met in my 10+ years in the industry. He knows how to research and identify key markets and prospects, create unique and compelling marketing programs to attract and pursue those markets/prospects, and how to build sales systems, tools and training programs to convert those leads into new franchisees. Mick also has extensive experience identifying, training and developing franchise salespeople and consultants. I’ve personally benefitted from Mick’s decades of sales experience, and it was highly valued and beneficial. He has shared his vast knowledge with many different people and many different franchise companies, and they are always better for having worked with Mick.

On a personal level, he’s a dedicated family man and isn’t afraid of sharing his thoughts on families, friends or relationships. When you talk with Mick the conversation easily flows from business, to family, to careers. He truly cares about your personal and professional success, and it shows. And don’t forget that he was once in the pharmacy business, so he can cure most ailments for you too!”

Rob Goggins
Great Clips
Mick Riddiough is one of the smartest, creative guys in franchising. I call him Franchise Yoda. He was a primary factor and driver of our expansion when he served as our Sr. VP World Wide Development in the mid-2000’s. He managed our unit franchise sales team and spearheaded our area development growth when we really needed it. He also made an excellent keynote speaker at one of our annual conventions.
Mr. Patrick Sanders
Max Muscle Retail Store System
Anaheim, CA
Any time Mick Riddiough’s name comes up in a conversation, my comment is “Mick is the best Franchise Development person I ever seen….I’ll take that to my grave.
Randy Loeb
VP Franchise Development
Greenville, SC
I have known Mick Riddiough and his family for over 20 years; we have worked together professionally and have been friends personally as our families grew up together.
He has a highly regarded reputation in the franchise industry and is a true visionary. His mastery of the franchise concept is truly without peer. His experience and exceptional level of service places him head and shoulders above all in the franchise industry.
Mick will not represent a company unless it has a high level of integrity and is a well-managed organization.
I have found Mick to be an innovator, an expert in solving sales and marketing problems and an experience motivational sales trainer. If you’re looking for someone to assist in your franchise startup, build and existing franchise into an empire, or pull your franchise company out of the abyss, Mick is the guy you’ll want on your team to lead the way.
Allen Hugo
President, TMC Designs, Inc.
Regional Owner
Decorating Den Interiors
CFO Outdoor Advantage, LLC
Decula, GA
I have known Mick Riddiough and his family for a considerable number of years in both a business and personal context.
As a former Master Licence owner for the Decorating Den Franchise in Scotland, I feel I can speak with some authority about Mick`s abilities. It is essential that anyone who wishes to Franchise or buy a Franchise System must be fully aware of all aspects of the business model and the appropriate market. Going into business as a Franchisee can present many hurdles to cross and a large measure of risk. It is essential, therefore, that the “Seller” and the “Buyer” seek professional advice.
In my opinion, Mick has a wealth of knowledge in Franchising. He is a hard working professional with a gift for putting the right people together.
I have no hesitation in vouching for his honesty and integrity and his business ethics are exemplary.
Best regards,
Sandy Campbell
Managing Director
The Campbell Group
Alva Industrial Estate
Alva Clacks. FK12 5JA
Tel: 01259 760572
Mob: 07802 757436
I have known Dr. Michael (Mick) Riddiough for over 20 years.
And during that time while we’ve been fellow franchisees, co-workers, co-conspirators, and good friends. Mick has been among the best innovators I’ve encountered in Franchising. Additionally, Mick is an exceptional teacher, mentor, out-of-the-box thinker, ceaselessly hard worker, loyal … and an all-in-all great leader. If you had to pick someone who’ll bring 25 years in franchising to bear to your benefit, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more qualified and dedicated industry professional.
Mr. Thomas Sampson
Window Advantage Inc
dba CrossCourt Consultants
Portland, OR
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mick for many years. You would be hard-pressed to find a more honest and reliable expert in the franchise development field. He represents the top 1% in the field and is truly a class-act. There aren’t many left like Mick Riddiough!
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert
Tadd Olson
Co-Founder, Text Generation
Co-Founder, 321 Punch Mobile
Founder, Whatever It Takes
Former, President/Owner at Inspect-It 1st
Phoenix, AZ
Since 1970, I have awarded, or guided others to award, more than 1,000 franchises.
I have known Mick Riddiough for over a quarter-century. From the time he was an exceptionally successful pharmaceutical consultant, and knew nothing about franchising, I watched Mick, prompted by his wife’s love of a new business, adapt his career and build one of the largest and most successful regional franchises for an international franchise organization. I watched- I listened- as he worked with prospects. Time and time, concept after concept, I say Mick award more franchises with fewer leads than anyone I have known. How does he do it? Mick understands the fears people feel. He is kind and gentle. He makes a friend and wins confidence
to be open and honest—because he is open and honest. He really wants the right thing for the buyer. If they are wrong for the business, as are most who inquire, he will tell them. If the candidate is right for the business, he will help them see their opportunity. But, even more, he will reassures them, and build their confidence that they can succeed. Mick magically helps candidates become the proud new owner of a franchise to fulfill their dreams. Mick has proven his friendship for byer and his techniques to guild them over many years. I know of no one I the industry more qualified to turn inquiries into successful business owners.
Steve Bursten
Exciting Windows and Decorating Den
Bethesda, MD
Mick Riddiough has been a strong leader in whatever position he has chosen. When I worked with him at Decorating Den, he was responsible for increasing franchise sales, regional sales, opening up new areas world wide for the company. His constant training of others was always the latest in franchise marketing. His skills certainly would be valuable for any type of business that he pursues.
Patti Coons
Director, Public Relations (retired)
Decorating Den Interiors

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Mick Riddiough for close to 30 years. I know of very few franchise executives who possess his knowledge and skill sets in the field of franchise sales, marketing and franchise sales management.

Not only does Mick offer his incredible knowledge to any franchisor, he brings a wonderful warm and personal manner to his professional relationships.

If you are a franchisor who seeks help in franchise marketing, sales or sales management I offer my highest recommendation of Mick Riddiough as your consultant. He is a master of his craft.

Chris Wright
President, CEO
AllWright Franchise Consulting, Inc.

President, CEO
The You Network